Samuelson's Rocks
John Samuelson operated a ranch in Quail Wash (now inside Joshua Tree National Park) in the early part of the 20th century. He apparently had trouble with the tax man and with politicians, but liked Henry Ford... He felt compelled to chisel his philosophy into the darkened faces of the boulders making up a hill near his homestead - leaving us with a glimpse into his mind and his life.
This rock, facing north, greets visitors when they arrive at Samuelson's Ranch and seems to embody his philosophy. It reads (with spelling corrected):

"The rock of Faith and Truth
Nature is God
The Key to Life is Contact
Evolution is the Mother and Father of Mankind
Without them We Be Nothing
John Samuelson 1927"

"Wake up You Tax and Bond Slaves
A politician is a Bird that gets in on the tax
pay his pocket book for a fat rake of and his free keeps
He leads you by the noose with one hand with the other
he digs in your pocket. A friend of the banker and big business.

"God made Man but Henry Ford put wheels under 'em.
Tho a master of the golden rule
he must die to be appreciated."

"Judge Ben Lindsey
A man that understands humanity
and big enough to live it.
Study nature obey the laws of it
you can't go wrong
It pays compound interest for life
and not one penny invested?"

"Mother Time
Neither wealth laws nor armys can stop the human mind
from creating new or improve upon the present day religion and government
Water is soft only hard in the chemicals
But with time the ocean can grind the hardest granite to a powdered sand
So with time will the human race grind
out its own destinys
regardless of the opposition or party in power."

"Religion is a code of morals
for us to live by no more
Hell is here on this earth no other place
Most of it we make ourself
As to heaven find it in life
Time nothing proven after death by priest or scientist?"

"Are you the fellow McMellon
That grabbed all our dough.
Ain't you better up and tell us
Where in hell did it go."

Some of the spelling has been corrected for ease of understanding.